University Campus Invoicing

Campus policy requires that departments use the approved Sundry Debtor Invoicing process when billing for goods or services in amounts greater than $20.00. Invoices are prepared by departments to create a receivable which the debtor (the party being billed) promises to pay. The departmental income account specified on the invoice is credited and the debit is recorded in the appropriate campus receivables account.

Creating a University Invoice

  1. Contact your DSA and have them submit a KSAMS request for KFS User Role 54 access.
  2. Access Kuali Financial Systems Accounts Receivable (KFS AR) via Zot!Portal. After logging in with your UCInetId credentials, click on the Finances/KFS header then click on the Tools & Support Portlet. Once there, click on KFS Homepage to be taken to KFS AR.
  1. Create the Invoice in KFS AR.
  2. Invoices created by departments are routed to Financial Services for review and approval.
  3. Print and mail a copy of the invoice form or attach a .pdf copy for email delivery to non-student debtors.
  1. The Central Cashier applies the payment to clear the receivable from the general ledger.
  2. Campus Billing and Collections Non-Student Receivable Services
    • routinely reviews accounts
    • generates and reviews monthly aging reports
    • performs monthly write off (outstanding balances over 180 days past due will be charged back to the departmental income account originally credited.)
  1. Invoice cancellation can only be made for an invoice with no payment applied. For partial cancellation, a Credit Memo needs to be processed against the invoice.
  2. Full cancellation or partial cancellation will be forwarded to Financial Services for review and approval.