Returned Checks

Returned checks are subject to service charges.

  • Checks returned unpaid by the bank are automatically deposited a second time in an effort to clear payments before they are returned to UC Irvine. Returned checks, regardless of the reason, are subject to a $25.00 service charge.
  • Checks written for registration may be subject to a $50.00 late registration fee.
  • If a check is returned due to a bank error, obtain a letter from the bank explaining the error. Once the letter is received, the service charge and late fees, if applicable, will be cancelled and the debtor will be responsible only for redeeming the returned check.

Stopped Payments

  • Stopping payment guarantees that a check will be returned, and does not cancel the debtor's financial obligation to UCI.
  • Stopped payments are treated as any other returned check, with identical consequences.

Redemption of Returned Checks

  • Returned checks must be redeemed at the Central Cashier with cash, cashier's checks, or money orders.

Suspension of Check Writing Privileges

  • Debtors who have had two checks returned to UCI are placed on a cash payment basis only (no checks accepted) for six months.
  • Three or more returned checks result in the suspension of check writing privileges for two years. At the end of these periods, check writing privileges may be restored; however, UCI reserves the right to withhold these privileges.

Notices, Bills, and Holds for Returned Checks

  • Campus Billing & Collections prepares and sends invoices for returned checks and associated returned check charges.
  • When checks are returned unpaid, holds are immediately placed on UCI services under the debtors' names and the returned check invoices should be paid immediately.
  • If a debtor writes a bad check to a campus department, a copy of the invoice is distributed to the department for informational purposes. In some cases, the department may be responsible for clearing the item.