Endorsing Checks and Endorsement Stamps

The university is subject to liability associated with the improper endorsement of checks. Departments are held responsible for compliance with endorsement standards.

How to Endorse a Check

Make sure you endorse the check in the allowable area on the back of the check.

  • Endorsements must be placed within the allowable area, which is within the 1½-inch area on the "trailing edge" of the check.
  • Do not write on, stamp on, or obscure any portion of the check outside the indicated 1 ½ inch endorsement area.
  • Only the endorsement of the department should be placed on the back of the check. All other pertinent accounting information should be noted on the face of the check.

How to Order a Check Endorsement Stamp

Order your departmental endorsement stamps from the Central Cashier by e-mail, or by phone, 949-824-6916. If ordering for the first time, Central Cashier will assign a three digit number that identifies the location of your department should a check bounce after being deposited.

When you re-order, the same three digit number already assigned will be used. Please indicate this when placing the order. The Central Cashier will notify your department when the stamp is ready for pick up.