Terminal Rental Program

Payment Cards Services (PCS) provides P2PE credit card terminals to campus departments with a need to accept payment cards on a short-term basis. Devices are rented from PCS under the PCS Merchant ID and loaned to departments. The costs associated with the program include a device rental fee (varies) and a 2% per transaction fee.

Departments assume full responsibility for the security of the rental device and are required to adhere to the Payment Card Security Controls policy and complete the online Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) Security Awareness Education (SAE) training (PCI DSS SAE) through UCLC prior to rental. At the conclusion of an event, Payment Card Services will deposit all proceeds and debit rental fees from the KFS account(s) assigned by the department on the Terminal Deposit Form.

Terminal Rental Process:

  1. Request a Terminal Rental
  2. Department completes PCI DSS Security Awareness Education Training
    • All employees involved in the payment card processing, in any capacity, are required to complete the online PCI DSS SAE training at UCLC.
  3. Payment Card Services sends Docusign for Rental Request
    • Upon receipt of the completed documents and training confirmation, PCS schedules a terminal pickup with the department.
  4. Department picks up device(s)
    • All devices are stored at the PCS office and arrangements for pickup and return are made.
  5. Department completes device return Docusign and Terminal Deposit Form
  6. Payment Card Services processes KFS for departments

At the conclusion of an event, devices must be returned in a timely manner. Departments must include a completed Deposit Form with the original merchant receipts attached.

Departments renting devices under PCS MID are prohibited from processing refunds. All department refund requests must be submitted in writing and performed by PCS staff.