Accepting Checks: What to Look For

What To Look For

Information on checks must be complete. Checks collected by departments must be:

  • Submitted in U.S. funds written on a U.S. bank
  • Made payable to Regents of the University of California, Regents U.C., or U.C. Regents
  • Completed for the proper amount in both the numeric and written amount areas on the check
  • Written legibly
  • Signed
  • Have a current date (post-dated checks are not accepted)
  • Have a complete address
  • Restrictively endorsed for U.C. Regents upon receipt

Checks that do not meet these criteria may require special handling. Returned checks are subject to service charges and penalties.

Foreign Checks

The acceptance of foreign checks is vigorously discouraged due to the high bank costs and currency exchange rates associated with foreign check processing. Contact the Central Cashier’s Office for assistance.