Safeguarding Deposits during Storage and Transportation

This page includes information about the safeguarding of your unit's deposits and ensuring the safety of your depositor.

How often do I deposit money?

Submit deposits to the Central Cashier's Office weekly or whenever cash receipts total $500 or more.

Can I use the intercampus mail to make my deposit?

Cash deposits must be brought in person. Do not send cash through inter-campus mail.

You may place check deposits in special deposit bags marked "Expedited Check Deposit No Cash." These bags are available through Distribution and Document Management Services.

Drop your check deposits in the white inter-campus mailboxes located around campus, marked 'Special Mail:'

  • These drop boxes are designated for departmental deposits and student payments only (no postage required).
  • Pick-up times are posted on the outside of the boxes.
  • Deposits are delivered to Central Cashier on the same day as long as they are dropped before the last pick-up.

Be safe when transporting deposits

Ensure that deposits are adequately safeguarded while in transit. When necessary, armored car service or police protection can be provided. Your safety is critical. If the amount of a deposit exceeds what you are comfortable carrying to the Central Cashier's Office, call campus police 949-824-5223, and ask for an escort.

Plan ahead for deposits in transit

To better ensure your safety, vary the time of day, the person, the route taken when making a deposit, etc., to make it harder for an observer to predict when a deposit is occurring.

If you have a large publicly advertised fundraising event, arrange in advance for a police escort.