Financial Services for Campus Business Partners

Non-Student Billing & University Invoices

The university invoice is the method used by university departments to bill for the following:

  • Sundry Debtors

    Goods and services, fines, claims for reimbursement, and other miscellaneous obligations due the university.

  • Third-Party Sponsors

    Payments due from third-party sponsors - e.g., college prepaid plans, state programs, Department of Veterans Affairs, private programs, etc. - for student tuition and fees.

Payment of University Invoices

Starting July 2024 UCI Financial Services Central Cashiering will no longer accept cash payments.

 Payment Options

  • Until July 2024: In person at the Central Cashier, Aldrich Hall, Room 228.
  • Or by mailing your check or money order payment to:

Central Cashier
228 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1975

*Make checks payable to UC Regents. Always provide the Invoice Number on your check payment.

Payments Received by Central Cashier

  1. Physical checks received by the Cashier will be applied to the appropriate invoice and deposited to the bank.
  2. ACH/WIRE payments received by General Accounting will be applied to the appropriate invoices.

Payments Received by Campus Departments

  • Invoice payments should be delivered to the Central Cashier on the day of receipt, along with a copy of the Invoice or with the invoice number noted on the check.